Gtp Courier - Transport, Logistics, Distribution


GTP Courier considers logistics to be more than the mere transfer of goods from one place to another. It is the set of all those technical and organizational functions, which are essential in ensuring strategic competitiveness and the quality of the commodity-product until its final delivery.
The company has warehouses and vehicles especially equipped to carry out even fashion service. With this specific service, GTP supports companies in the fashion industry right up to the end distribution of the finished garment.
Our logistical distribution network also specialises in microzones of expertise, a service guaranteed by a total and thorough knowledge of the territory. The value of your goods is guaranteed by high levels of service, reliability and control over the movement of products destined to your customers.

Integrated Logistics

To achieve a competitive and efficient transport system, the effectiveness of logistical chains must be maximized. Integrated logistics includes a set of services ranging from transport to storage, from management to the distribution of goods and products. This should be seen as the link between the market and the operating environment across the company’s whole organization. The goal is to plan and coordinate all the activities necessary to reach the desired level of service.

Micro – logistics

Micro-logistics, which at first involved deliveries between private individuals, has now extended to micro businesses, sometimes carried out by a single person or individuals that market their products using the internet. Namely, individuals who need to manage low-volume deliveries but with different delivery addresses.. Micro-logistical services are especially suited to e-commerce companies, which aim to expand their markets but do not have the possibility of creating their own logistics network.