Gtp Courier - Transport, Logistics, Distribution


For GTP, security is a core value. In this regard, the company fleet features a vehicle tracking system, the latest generation Fleet Management system. It is constantly monitored by qualified personnel, with software that provides the exact real-time position of vehicles involved in delivering goods.

We also use an “anti-Jammer”, device, which detects the electromagnetic waves generated by “jammers” that thieves use to block/isolate communication and consequently hinder even the most sophisticated satellite systems.


Vehicle Safety

Our vehicles are fitted with intelligent safety means (e-safety). These are electronic devices designed to help the driver avoid hazards. For example, by activating the brakes in the event that the vehicle is too close to an object or emitting alarm signals when a vehicle is about to leave the carriageway. The different types of electronic safety precautions range from collision avoidance systems, to braking assistance systems and lane-change warning devices.


Goods Safety

In addition to our standard responsibilities, we also offer insurance services for complete cover of the entire value of the goods from any damage, direct and material, that may happen to goods during transportation. The insurance cover is valid from the moment the delivery has been taken on and ends when the delivery has been made. The coverage includes the physical loss of the property or its damage, subject to specific limitations and exclusions.


Tracking of goods

Thanks to GPS technology, the track & trace system of GTP allows you to monitor remotely in real time you own fleet, including the position of trailers, truck cars, containers and swap bodies. The service also simplifies the logistics chain because it is able to provide the history of previous routes by sending information to the base in a fully automated manner, without requiring the intervention of the driver. The tracking systems prevents thefts and risky situations in general, so guaranteeing complete reliability for the customer.