Gtp Courier - Transport, Logistics, Distribution


GTP is a company that can manage the entire operating cycle from the producer to the customer, the final destination of the distribution channel.
GTP carries out pick-up, transport and logistics, specializing in distributing products with extensive coverage in the South. The company has 15 platforms with over 90.000 sq m of logistical areas and as many as 25 distribution centres in the South for receiving, storing and delivering goods to the sales point or retail stores.

With over 250 vehicles on the move every day, the primary goal is to provide logistical and distribution support, to meet a wide range of business needs. With a view to the sustainable urban logistics, the company also has 10 electric vehicles, which can enter ZTL’s (Restricted Traffic Zones), now present in almost all Italian cities. The combined use of Euro 6 vehicles, electric vehicles and intermodal transport, place GTP among the companies focused on environmental sustainability.


Coverage in Southern Italy

Using its own vehicles, GTP collects goods from Italy and across Europe. These goods reach the South Hub – located at the Campania Interport of Nola – already identified for the final destination, where they are then sorted for distribution.

The offices located at the south hub have multilingual operators able to facilitate communication with foreign customers and understand the specific needs of products and services.

The Campania Interport of Nola, a logistical area for services, infrastructure and a strategic role in managing international trade, is the internal transit point of the distribution system where the deconsolidation and subsequent consolidation of goods to other destinations takes place. This is thanks also to an integration of the organizational and IT facilities..
The strategic location of the platforms enables a rapid service in all provinces of South Italy.

Trust GTP

By now, the key variable for the competitiveness of a company rests on transport and its related services. The GTP approach is from a perspective that considers the transport system as “fully integrated” The aim of which is to ensure the rapid and safe arrival of goods to their destination. Couriers, hauliers and shippers? GTP carries out a widespread distribution relying on selected distributors that operate on behalf of GTP and are responsible for the entire distribution,a so reducing delivery times.

Local presence, expertise and specialists in the sector who meet customers, tailoring a service based on personal business needs. All solutions to best introduce products on the market. In one subject the entire operational cycle.
The combined use of Euro 6 vehicles, electric vehicles and intermodal pose the GTP between companies that pay attention to environmental sustainability.