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Even though companies are created with the aim of generating profits, they are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact. To this end, we impose a strict code of conduct to meet the ever more stringent legislation in terms of environmental e social sustainability.

Alongside economic responsibility, social responsibility also fosters winning values for companies, for people, for the land and the environment. For this reason, companies incorporate ecological and social concerns into their normal business practices.


Environmental sustainability

Respect for a life geared towards eco-sustainability is one of our goals. For us, this is not an added value, but a common one where everyone is called upon to do their part. We have fitted out fleet with Euro 6 vehicles running on 100% biodiesel, and we are also working towards buying vehicles powered with different types of alternative fuels. We currently have electric vehicles that can enter Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL). Clean and efficient new generation vehicles, ensuring qualitatively higher standards with environmental benefits and improved travel safety.


Corporate social responsability

Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as “the integration of social and environmental concerns by companies, in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis”. We believe that through a new company governance, which must see human and social capital and local communities as a form of sustainable investment, is the only way to foster the right conditions for sustainable growth growth and the creation of employment in the medium and long term.